Making custom fields is required in a workflow transition in Jira (ScriptRunner)

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This post describes what to make a custom field requires during a work flow transition. If you are using Script Runner for Jira, you can use the Field(s) required validator [ScriptRunner].

Steps to adding a validator:

  1. Login as Jira administrator.
  2. Go to settings -> Issues -> Workflows.
  3. Edit the workflow.
  4. Open the transition that you need to configure and select the validators.
  5. Click the Add validator and select the Fields Required validator.
  6. If you are using “Script Runner for Jira”, you can use the Field(s) required validator [ScriptRunner]. Refer screenshot-1.
  7. Select the field(s) that you want to make required for the transition. Refer screenshot-2.
  8. Click Add to create the validator.
  9. Verify the newly added validator in the transition and publish the workflow to apply the changes.

Screenshot 1:

Field(s) required validator [ScriptRunner]

Screenshot 2:


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